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by watchingU2

Let me begin by stating that it was a great show, but it was not their greatest performance. As someonce mentioned earlier, it clearly seemed like they knew it was their last tour or something. While I surely appreciated the older songs, I was hoping the concert wouldn't be reduced to a greatest hits reunion tour, which is what it sounded like.

Bono seems tired, not as passionate or caring. Larry, while the "conscience of the band" acts as if he doesn't even care about the music. Its strange. I LOVE this band, but kept thinking, "they seem tired, especially Bono." He kept forgeting words to songs and skipping parts of versus. In fact, I could swear that I heard him say, "Thank you CHICAGO!" at one point. I looked around, but no one seemed to notice. Plus, they sang, STAY, (faraway, so close), but guess what, Bono couldn't remember the words, so he had a cheat sheet that he was reading from on the floor by his foot!!! What the hell!!! He did say, before they started the song, that they hardly play the song cuz "it means so much and its hard to remember it." I thought that was lame. I had my binoculars out and looked at his feet and noticed that he was looking down to read the words. Come on guys!! He skipped half of a verse in ONE as well. All I can say is that its a good thing that Edge and Adam know when Bono screws up and are able to adjust.

The broken strings, didn't bother me, its part of playing live. In fact, I prefer to watch professional musicians deal with the difficulties of doing live performances.

The highlight of the show was Where the Streets Have No Name. The crowd had energy and the band felt it and responded to it. It felt like a moment straight out of The Joshua Tree Tour in Tempe, Arizona. New York put the crowd to sleep and Sunday Bloody Sunday was adequate, at best. The crowd responded well to All I Want Is You and their acoustic version of Angel of Harlem was one of the best I've heard. Here was another "problem", before they played Angel of Harlem, Bono said, "Here is a song that we recorded here in LA." Huh? They recorded Angel of Harlem in Sun City Studios in Memphis!!!! Hello?! They filmed themselves recording the song in the movie Rattle and Hum! PRIDE sounded good, but I think they are tired of singing it.

Also, I really need an explanation for this, I paid 85 bucks a seat and I'm still in the top section 10 rows from the very top of the arena!!!! What the hell!!! How does that work?

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