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by Paul

Ok, ive been reading these reveiws and only have seen one i agree with...This Show was Unbelievable!!! I was front center in the heart, review by the others are from nose bleed, no wonder they didn't get into it. There Wasn't one bad song of the whole night. When they played All I Want Is You, for the first time in a while it was the full band playing and the FULL version, not the popmart style. It Was Incredible. Contrary to the other post's U2 where not tired... LOL i cant belive people said that they where in such a great mood laughing and cracking jokes! like Bono saying for angel of harlem "we recorded it in L.A." that was a joke o.k. Bono dint actually think they did, or think people would believe him. Bono kept saying L.A. fully knowing he wasnt in L.A. wich made me laugh because when he said it again towards th end everyone yelled back to him from the hearth ANAHEIM! Bono Replied with saying a bunch of stuff i could quite here but i picked up him saying "southland, orange county, anaheim, someplace else, then ened with Malibu--edges new home" I'm so pumped up even npw....1:30 in the afternoon the next day. I am so glad they cut there normal acustic set short...probly because of edges broken strings. Angel of harlem and stay being the only ones.
Had you Nose Bleeders been in the heart you would know the true feelings of the concert. During an Awsome Version of sunday bloody sunday(i like full bnd version better then acustic) bono grabs 2 irsh flags, one he dances arround with and throws it in to the adience(i almost had it) and the other one he wrapped around his head...so great, Bono was in such a funny mood. When edge was trying to fix his untuned guitar Bono says somehting like "paging mr. spock" edge cracks up. bullet the blue sky was phenominal, as was where the streets have no name, full begging and everything...it was like watching rattle and hum and being there, ONLY BETTER. Right now i think these versions of songs where better then Rattle and Hum. the end of walk on bono broke into alleluia's which he kept on singing for a long time, everyone in the crowed singing at the top of there lungs perfectly in syn'c with Bono. I got edges guitar pick, I got 26 Awsome Upclose Pictures, Got $160.00 worth of t-shirts, a beenie, keychain, and mousepad, but most of all i experinced the raddist concert int he history of U2.

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