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by Jason

Like the previous post, I'm sitting here a day later and still in utter shock. It was the most perfect show that I could ever hope to see! AND I sat in the nosebleeds...I still enjoyed the hell out of every second. The crowd was just unbelievable; everybody was screaming and enjoying themselves, and singing the songs so loud that Bono's voice was getting drowned out.

The performance was amazing. Edge...his guitar work sounded better than I've ever heard him play. On top of that, the sound mixing was unbelievable. They had almost the perfect mix (maybe just bump Larry up a tiny, tiny bit) and best of all they had it cranked so loud that the bass tones thumped your chest and the treble pierced your heart (and your ears). Bono's voice held up through the entire show, and he was really singing with enthusiasm. I read posts that stated the contrary for this and earlier shows, but they are hard for me to believe...if there were any more energy in that arena last night, we would have had a meltdown like Chernobyl, especially during "Where the Streets Have No Name". Surreal is the only way I can describe it. When the song began I heard this huge roar and then they turned these really bright lights on the entire crowd and you could just see a sea of hands and hear a deafening roar that wouldn't stop. I, myself, can hardly talk today. Also, I payed $135 for my ticket and I think it was a bargain for what I got in return...I just wish it would have never ended.

-Edge's greatly improved guitar skills were fully on display. He played amazing leads, especially in: "The Fly", "Mysterious Ways", and "Bullet the Blue Sky" to name a few.
-Bono's voice as pure as can be and giving it 100%
-Insane crowd
-Cat Woman!
-The light show was truly a spectacle...it didn't take over the show, it was used in moderation and just made the show that much better. You HAD to see it!
-Bono doing a full sprint around the heart!
-One of the best setlists the band has ever played (Kite was an awesome recent addition)
-Great acoustics and sound mixing
-Finally, an overwhelming feeling of sincerity and appreciation between the fans and the band (the band took a long time to leave the stage the final time...they were just waving, clapping, and smiling at all the fans, it was great)

Low points:
-Larry's drums were just a bit low (but that is really nit-picking)
-I truly don't have any others...except the fact that I can't go experience it all over again tonight

I think there's still a lot of fire and creativity in this band. They showed it last night. They ARE the greatest band in the world, and one of the greatest ever. I think they'll be around for a bit ;)

Most sincerely,


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