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by Dave

Erik's review hit it right on the head - this was not a good performance by U2 standards. This was my first show on this tour and I was disappointed in the amount of energy that the band and the crowd displayed. Even "Where the Streets Have No Name", a song which historically can bring the house down at any show, did little to energize the pathetic crowd.

I didn't like how the show began - they just sort of walked out with the intermission lighting still on in the arena and launched into one of the best songs on their new album, "Elevation". If they had dropped the lights and made the crowd excited while awaiting the arrival of the band on stage, the entire concert might have been so much better.

I was happy to see them play most of their new CD, although "New York" is a really boring song. I missed hearing "Discotheque" - that track really rocked on the last tour and may have given the show more energy, but I doubt it considering the way Bono and Edge were acting.

The acoustic part was crap - don't cheapen great songs like "Angel of Harlem" and "In A Little While" when you're playing boring songs like "Kite" and "New York" with the full electricity behind you. Who knows, maybe Edison or PG & E ordered that U2 play their best pieces with less power...

This definitely was a greatest hits show - I was disappointed throughout the entire set and only felt good about the show when they played a great rendition of One (a truly great U2 song) and ended nicely with Walk On. But the energy from the last two tours was clearly lacking here, and for the show to end at 10:50 when it had started only a couple hours earlier was very disappointing.

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