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by Francisco de Castro

the concert was deffinitly amazing. the city stoped to see u2 in town. we had been waiting so long for a u2 show here! nad that could not had been better, exept for the traffic jam.
i had to park my car 1 mile from the stage and had to get there running. when i arrived, i was really tired. but when i listened to the first edge sound i reslised that all that running worth it.
listening to bono saying "o pais lindo, as pessoas so lindas, ns no esquceremos daqui" during i steel haven't found what i'm looking for" and seen the croud singing where the streets have no name was the most wonderful expirience i ever had.
i'd like to appologise the band about the traffic jam, but we'r not used to receive the best band ever here.
we hope them to come back!

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