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by Oscar De La Pea (MofoMan)

Hello My Name Is Oscar, I had The Honor to been in this concert was one of the most Amazing experiences of my life that Ill never forget!

I heard the concert was taped i really hope this will be true because everybody has to Know what happened here in "The Azteca Stadium" and it would be better if is an official released, lets talk about the concert.

The opening act of "Secret Machines" was Good but everybody were impatient Waiting For U2, I were located inside the ring, the best place to be in this concert, when The "Everyone" Intro Started, The Crowd get freak Out and when I heard the first Edge Guitar accord of City Of Blinding Lights and I saw him and then Bono Came Out In Front Of Me, whit a Mexican Flag Jacket then I started to cry i was in shook! And the Mexican Crowd gave there soul since this moment.

One of the strongest Moments of the Night Was "Until the End of the World, New Year's Day" the crowd get mad with a couple of songs specially when everybody heard the Adam Bass In New Years.

Whit "Beautiful Day" Bono changed the end Lyrics" with Mexican cities and then he Sang "Cielito Lindo" and he Said Sorry for been along time away from Mexico, In "Sunday Bloody Sunday" Bono Requested the peace in Chiapas said "No More Chiapas".

In "Miss Sarajevo" bono had a Nice Singing and the Human rights Articles appeared on screen in Spanish and "Pride" started and I cried Again and i didnt stop until "Where the Streets Have No Name" Finished.

When the "Zooropa Baby" appeared on Screen the Photos Of President "Bush" and "Fox" and Everybody booed them "after "Zoo Station and The Fly" finished the crowd was waiting "Mysterious Ways" a great performance and is one of the favorites of U2 Mexican fans, Bono Pick One Girl from the Crowd and she Was really excited! She almost fainted but Bono gave her a bottle of his water and he sat her in front of Larry's Drum, Then Bono hugged Her on Knees while U2 played "With or Without You" Was maybe the Great moment of the Night.

The New Song "Fast Cars" was cool then in "Original of the Species" was an emotional song the Crowd started to Feel that U2 has to Leave us again and then in "40" all finished with an applause to "U2" and at the end to Larry only and all the crowd at the end we still make the question "HOW LONG WILL SING THE SONG"

Nobody knows how many time we have to wait to see them again, and someones will never see them again but it will be a Memory that it last in our hearts and minds FOREVER! And no matter what happened in future or trough the time "U2" will be our eternal Friends Always.

We love u2, thanks for gave us this until next time.

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