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by Juan Vargas

22 hours my girlfriend and I waited on the line to be at the inner circle... We succeeded!

I did the same thing 5 years ago, I traveled by myself for my very first time to Mexico City (I live in Monterrey) and slept outside the stadium for more than 20 hours to be close to the band. I did it again but only this time, my girlfriend was there with me.

This was my second concert of this Mexico Tour, and it was all worth it!!! the waiting, the rain, the sun, the heat, the desperation, the hunger, the thirst... everything was forgotten once U2 got on stage... it was UNBELIEVABLE!!!

We had the chance to be by Adam's side and it was a great pleasure to watch him always smiling at the croud and at us in the front, he is up for the photos! he poses and gives you a smile. Great guy.

Bono picked a girl from the very center and front of stage and got her up the stage to read a small but strong text.

I was expecting for them to play "Stuck in a moment" wich is a song that I recently dedicated to my girl, we were not that lucky though. However, we had the opportunity to listen "All I want is you" which was a very special moment for both of us...

The best songs of this concert (for me):Even better..., All I want is you, Pride, Miss Sarajevo, Zooropa, Sunday, Walk on, With or Without you, and the one I was also waiting for: Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me, Kill me!!!

The moments of the Concert: the song "All I want is you", also when Bono said we mexicans had to send a messsage to USA (in Pride) and when he described himself as "el milusos" hahaha that was great!

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