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by Joanne & Tammy

WOW...what can I say....totally amazing! :-)

This was by far the best of the 3 shows I've been to (the others being Pittsburgh & DC2, and I was blown away by those at the time too!)

We got there 4am and were #97 & 98 in line. Waiting was fun but bloody cold! Hello to all those we spoke to and hung out with, we'll be catching up with you all for photo exchanges etc. very soon.

We were in the Heart on Adam's side, right on the rail (with the feather boas, I'm sure you might have noticed us ;-) ) I don't know how the heart looked from outside it but it felt as though we were bouncing right from the beginning of 'All you need is Love'.

I love looking around at the rest of the arena from within the Heart and tonight it looked as though no else sat down or stopped moving ANYWHERE! :-)

I'd read somewhere that the third leg shows feel to have the emotion level turned up x10, I'd have to disagree...for me the emotion level was increased at least x100!!! The band looked to be having the time of their life and it was nice that even though I'd read about the changes in the set-list this time around, it still felt as if I didn't know what song was going to come next and indeed there were a few suprises!

I was hanging in there emotionally until One and the scrolling names...then it was all too much, but yet wonderful & appropriate.

ok, I've rambled long enough, here are some pics I took....

Joanne (& Tammy)

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