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by Sara

I just got back from the show on Friday..it's saturday now. I cam all the way from Cincinnati. I waited in line forever, and felt like was going to faint right before the show..and was crushed to hear that garbage wasn't coming! but it was still very much worth it. bono never ceases to amaze me. Please debuted for the 1st time on this tour, and it was more subdued then it was on Popmart..very beautiful. And the names on the screen during one I thought at first might seem cheeesy..but Bono didn't call alot of attention to it, which seemed to be best. I was so happy to see Out of control on this set, I might have prefered Electric Co. But it's ok. There was no Desire, which i had been hoping for. this show was not a rehashing of the 2 shows I'd seen this summer, it was much different. But still amazing. This show was even different from when i saw them in notre dame less then 2 weeks ago. So even if you have seen them live, each show is unique and beautiful..so see as many as possible! to people on the floor on Edges side just outside the heart..and everyone on the floor, please remeber that everyone is there for the same reason and to be a little more considerate to other people..I was shoved out of my rightful spot, which I had been standing in for hours, by people who decided to make out in my way..and people-expect it to be crammed on the floor. and I am 16, and I was criticized by people there for being a kid. the band started when they were 16, and I love and appreciate U2 much more then alot of adults there..but I was treated horribly! Besides my rude treatment on the floor it was an awesome show! thanks to the people who were nice to me!

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