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by Darlene

Well, it's four days after the concert and I'm still in full U2-obsession mode (of course I'm seeing them this Sunday in Jersey, so that may also be why...).
I had only seen U2 on the first leg last June in Jersey, and I had thought that my rear seats had been amazing, but I will never settle for anything other than floor tickets again as far as U2 goes. It was absolutely amazing! I was directly in front of the Edge, with only one person in front of me (who was incredibly nice and switched places with me during my favorite song, "Sunday Bloody Sunday" so I could be in the very front... thanks again!).
I had gotten in line with my friend at around midnight before the show (I was #68), and it was damn cold out, but thankfully the mattress guys next to me gave me a blanket, so I didn't freeze. Everyone in line was extremely generous, and one guy even gave my friend and I an air-mattress to sit on, to keep our arses warmer. So I was pretty comfy, aside from the creepy rats that I noticed sneaking around across the street. And it was really cool having "Fake-Bono" walking around as a little reminder of what we were all waiting for.
The show itself was well worth it, rats and all. Extremely emotional, I thought I'd burst into tears a number of times, especially when Bono's voice cracked and his jaw trembled while he spoke of the abuse the Irish have endured because of the IRA.
My favorite song of the night was Pride... it really had a new meaning after all that's happened recently.
I just got my pictures back today and was royally disappointed. I was so close, but the pictures are awful. Hint for those who plan on bringing a camera to another show: DON'T BRING A DISPOSABLE! They look really dark and far away. Some didn't even come out.
Finally, just a small thanks to all who helped me and my friend (Meghan) be more comfortable during our wait. Also thanks to the girl in the heart who gave me a piece of her pretzel! You're an angel!

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