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by mike from md

After being a little dissapointed in the dc show, i thought maybe u2 had lost their touch.after all, ticket prices were HIGH, so they had a lot to live up to. I was happy that they proved me wrong, and delivered the best show i have ever seen. the band was tight, the sound great and the set list was a good selection of newer tunes while not forgetting the classics. I even saw larry smile- something i don't think he's done since 1992.
bono has always been great at capturing an emotion, and this night was no different. a fan handed him an American flag, and he just stood there and hugged it, as if to say" I'm sorry this has happened to you" and "its going to be okay", all at once. I know this had probably been repeated every show since 9/11, but it sent chiils up my spine and gave me goosebumps.
was great to hear out of control and hear bono talk about being a "young lad of 18" with his "16 year-old girlfriend Ali" and "here is our single Mr. A and R man"- kind of gave fans an insight on their younger days and personal lives.
i've seen u2 a bunch of times and this was the best I've seen them. It was the first concert i've seen in many years that was worth the price of admission.
thanks u2 and larry please smile again- maybe it will be contagious to adam.

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