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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Greg Sharpes

A lot has been said about U2's 1st American show at the Bayou in Washington DC. I was on the guest list thanks to the Slickee Boys who were "headlining". From the moment U2 hit the stage everyone was mesmerized. The sound was unlike anything we had ever experienced live. We had gotten the promo of Boy at Record & Tape LTD where I worked and had been listening to it constantly but the live sound was a force like no other. I can remember standing back by the dressing rooms with Mark Noone & Kim Kane, our mouths hanging open and Mark saying something along the lines of "How the *#!? are we going to follow this?" But the Slickees did & put on a great show of their own as usual. You may say I must have been dreaming except for the fact that I asked a local DJ (Weasel) that I know and he said he couldn't remember who opened for who but he would find out. A few months later he had Mark Noone on his show & Mark confirmed it. A couple of people who never believed me were listening to that broadcast and had to apologize. There it is. U2 opened for the Slickee Boys in DC & the rest is history.

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