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by Owen Coomer

Just got back from the show with my girlfriend. We really had a great time. I think there was over 80 000 in attendance if you include the GA. I thought it was a very good show and all the songs really blended well together. You also got quite a good span of their career in the setlist. However that being said, I don't think there was 1 particular amazing song that just blew me away, but a number of good songs that were great to hear live, which inevitably means that U2 kept the show quite entertaining without any dull moments, and all of a suddent the over 2 hours was gone like that.

The Black Eyed Peas were really cool to see live, and really got us moving. Obviously having them on the tour is like watching two shows for the price of 1, and reminds me of how cool Kanye West was to see live opening for U2 a few years back. U2 do an amazing job of getting bands or groups to perform for them as the supporting act who in a few years will be headlining for themselves.

I really did enjoy the show, and stand-outs were Ultraviolet, Unknown Caller, Elevation, Vertigo and Streets.

The new songs sounded fantastic live, and BC Place known for its terrible accoustics actually sounded pretty good. I must admit though, I like the new album (Not a Pop Album, but an atmospheric old-fashioned album), but I did not need 7 songs from it, especially when any song from Pop, Zooropa, October, Rattle and Hum, and Boy were excluded.

BTW, the stage is unbelievable, and with all the lights, etc is impossible to type down everything I have good to say about the claw.

Wicked concert, and I look forward to 2010 and a new album hopefully soon. I also have tickets for Spiderman, so I am definitely looking forward to next year. Wicked show boys, you guys were great! Oh, and Bill Gates was there!

One thing I must say though is this:

Stop reading unless you want to read about the VIP Package and the truth! (At least in Vancouver)

There was very little reviews of the VIP package deals. I paid $1060 for two of these tickets which gavce us pretty great seats although I would choose the Red Zone next time. We did not receive free parking in Vancouver, and the e-mails I received from the VIP package deals told us that we would be inside 2 hours in advance. We were in line at 5pm and did not get inside until 5:50pm. There was also a lack of knowledge from any of the staff outside, as we walked up and down the staircases, around the building, etc etc, and once inside, we could not see any signs whatsoever about the VIP area. We walked up and down inside, and literally talked to about 10 different staff members who were clueless about where we had to go. We went back to the original entrance and found a small door with the VIP sign attached to it, and finally we were able to get inside at 6:15pm. BTW, the food was good, and the staff were friendly went we were inside. We got a nice travel bag, and laminate card, but we were also told it was an open bar. This really actually meant 2 drinks.

So factor in this:

Tickets were $524 + tax
So for $536 + tax, we received 4 drinks (the place serves $7.50 beers to essentially $30) and the food was worth about $80 if that, since we had to scarf down. Maybe $80 for both of our bags which is pushing it, the laminate card maybe $5 each...... Total: $200 for us both. Where is the other $324. Maybe it should have gone to more signs for the party? Lol.

I must say, maybe someone else had a better experience, but everyone that I overheard around me were saying the same thing. Bad staff and signage! Ripoff!

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