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by David

The afternoon started by getting stuck in traffic on the 99fwy only to learn 45 minutes in that the HOV lane is the equivalent of our very own carpool lane...once this lesson was learned things begin to move.

Arrived at BC Place at around 5pm (after hoping and planning to arrive at noon)...parking wasn't a problem. Decided to wait at D gate as the line for GA at E seemed like a mile long. At 5:30pm the doors opened and we found ourselves inside the building rushing toward the floor. After some searching we found our way into the center and positioned ourselves 20 feet from Adam's side of the stage. As the Black Eyed Pea's began the crowd on our side became really aggressive...not your typical U2 audience...right as the show began 10-15 individuals pushed their way in front of us leaving us with nearly no room to breath...and that concluded our visit with Adam's side of the stage.

During the BEP we went and explored the outer GA...checking out the array of $40 t-shirts and admiring "the Claw". In the middle of the act my wife suggested that we try the middle again but move over to the Edge's side of the center. Interesting enough things were less crowed and we ended up 30 feet from the Edge with a clear view of all 4 band members. The best part about it is that this was the side with numerous fan club members and more importantly...around 25 fans who were no taller than 5'2 held the stage in front of us...now that is a find: )

I give props to the extremely drunk group of about 30-40 somethings that ended up next to us. Your dancing and grinding would have made any teenager think twice about public displays of affection. But your energy added to the show.

The show itself took on the persona of the theme 360 degrees...spinning us around with well placed songs that toyed with your emotions bringing you to highs and lows while keeping you engaged. I felt U2 achieved what they attempted with the Vertigo tour...which was very satisfying! Some say the new songs lost the audience but on the floor the songs seemed to capture the group and it was only the encore tune "ultraviolet" that stumped most...this only made such a beautiful song even better...so dark and haunting with the ability to lift your soul at the same time.

Sunday Bloody Sunday stole the night with the stadium canvassed in green in honor of Iran's struggles in recent elections. The encore was amazing as well...each song being drawn from the past...One, Street, Ultraviolet, With or Without You and the finale Moment of Surrender. U2 captured such passion, worship and soul in each song. I felt the audience was locked in and connect during each pressing moment while the band communicated such urgency and yet set such a tone of focus and even meditation!

It was a top three moment from my experience! With this being my 13th show I felt the band was as in tune and passionate as ever! Given our proximity to the band with catwalks flying overhead and Bono and the Edge taunting us from all angles and stages...sound issues proved to not phase us. Also, with a large production like this tour I found the technical glitches and stage communication errors intriguing. It shows the humanity behind the beast and that just enhances the experience.

Hoping that show number 14 can live up to this night...Seattle...Anaheim...perhaps both!?

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