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by Dick

This was the third show I have seen in this tour, and I have seen dozens of others. It hurts to say, but U2 in many ways hs become an ordinary concert band for me. The energy of these shows is really not that good. I think a large part of it is a product of the same routine night after night. I dont understand the reluctance for change from show to show. Why wouldnt they? They certainly are at the top of the pile and can dictate what they want to do. I know that in my job if there is not change, then there is boredom. And at the end of this concert I was was bored - and I have never been that before.

Anyway I would hope for change in the future. I am not all that wordly, but for me I would be much happier with a little change. I think of when I used to watch the Grateful Dead and U2, when I first started going to concerts 20 years ago, and every night was different - spontaneous - and full of life. U2 was that way for me at the the beginning, but not now.

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