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by manxman

A very special night for our family. Although my wife and I have seen them many times, this was our kids first concert. We also had a friend of ours with us and she and I were both celebrating our birthdays. It was also her first U2 show. What a great way to celebrate. I know Bono sang happy birthday to Bill Gates who was also there, but she and I both knew he was really singing to us. We hung out before the show and saw Bono and Adam arrive. We were probably only 20 feet away from him as they pulled in. Bono waved out the open window. That was just a start to a wonderful night. The stage was incredible. The photos Id seen did not do it justice. If the whole thing rose up through the roof and sailed off into space, I would not have been surprised. Willie Williams is a genius. He is as master artist. The concert was a great mix of new and old. I wont go into too many details because others have shared it much better. But when the band played One and my family and our great friend were all holding hands and hugging, I thought how lucky I was to be a part of this great event. Bonos passion in his singing and the great music poured out onto the crowd. I dont know how you could hear that version as it moved into Amazing Grace and then into Streets and not have tears in your eyes. I will cherish that memory for the rest of my life. I know others complained about trivial things that night, but I was baptized by their music. The live versions of the new songs were amazing. Unknown Caller is a good song, but live, with the images on screen the power of the messages really comes across. The If I Dont Go Crazy remix was so much fun too. Edge really gets a work out, jumping throughout. It was also really cool to hear Larry sing back up so much too. Moment of Surrender with all three voices is a great way to end the show. It was one of the best nights of my life.

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