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by Eric

I knew it would be wonderful...
But WOW! What they did tonight was even better than my crazyest dreams! I had been to Popmart in Paris, and what I've got to say is that this show was far better than 97's one.
The set list isn't a big surprise but the french crowd has been very enthusiast during the whole show.
It's incredible to discover that this people who are used to fill in stadiums are in fact sensitive and so real humans! Bono was very nice with the girls and guys that had to left the floor because it was overcrowded.
My friends (the 2 Arno's and Julio and Pascale) and I were at the tip of the Heart (it is really the best place to be, Bono is always there, and I could touch is hand several times. It was my dream coming true!)and we have had a real threat whem bono felt from the tip of the Heart at the begining of the show; it was a real fall and we were afraid that the show will be stopped, but he has been brave enough to continue.
The 4 guys were having fun on stage tonight, laughing alot during Desire (played at the Tip of the Heart with the 4 of them).

It was one of the most incredible experience of my life... Thank you U2, there is no doubt left, for me you are the bests...

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