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by Steven

Just back in Belgium, we're now allmost 24h. after the concert, but some tunes from yesterday are still in my head. And I think they'll stay there for some days, maybe until Arnhem. This was my 3rd Elevation-concert. My first was Cologne and I thought that would be the best, but yesterday was at least as good as Cologne. The setlist was completely mixed, which was great. What I liked the most: Wild Honey (live much better than on the album), Sweetest Thing, The ground beneath..., All I want is you, Pride, Streets (as allways), Walk on and the end of With or without you (We'll shine like stars...). Probably I even forget some highlights.
I saw the concert the day before as well, but that wasn't as good as this show. Maybe because I heard that setlist allready in Cologne or maybe because I wasn't in the heart the first Paris-show. But this one was FANTASTIC!!! Three shows passed, still five to go. Walk on...

P.S: There's only one thing that was dissapointing and that were those 'fans' in the heart who followed Bono everywhere he went. That was irritating! I was in Cologne also in the heart, but there that didn't happen (maybe the french have another temparement than the germans), that was much better! So please, if you read this and you have the chance to enter the heart: stay where you are and don't push other people by trying to follow Bono. Thanks

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