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by cjnemec

What can I say. This whole process is really amazing. You see the best and worst of people. We were the first group in line 11:15 P.M. the night before. Let me start by thanking David Howell, Bradley Center Security for paying attention to the fans and making sure everything was orderly. I know that it wasn't the best process with the number system, but until the organization of U2 comes up with something official this is what we'll be dealing with. Next, let me thank the 20 people behind us for not only being really cool, but also for supporting the numbering system so everyone was. We had a great time in incredibly difficult conditions. The concert itself was awesome, this is my thirteenth show and it never gets old. It was very energetic show, the crowd was amazing, and the setlist, though fairly standard for this leg, was done with more precision than Wednesday. That said this was the best show for me because my sister finally got her chance to see U2 and because my friends #1 and #2 got engaged immediately following the show. We had a sign that lasted through the rain, coffee spilling and other near disasters, which all night and day was covered by another sign. When the show started the fake sign was pulled away and behind it my friend had a sign that said, "Can I ask my girlfriend to marry me ON STAGE." Bono saw the sign during City of Blinding Lights and for the most of the show that was all. After One, Bono pointed to his sign and said you better be serious... then at the end of All Because of You he actually gave my friend a name check. We talked with security earlier in the day and they attempted to relay the message to the band regarding the proposal. He didn't pull them on stage, but they did get engaged immediately after the show. Okay, now the negative... nothing to do with U2. First it rained in the GA line from about 9 AM until we were let in and it got progressively worse leading up to the end. This caused people to be a little irritated and rightfully so. Second, I ran the numbering system. It is not an enjoyable job to have, but as the first group in line we felt it was our duty... again we had a ton of help from a number of really good people, but it was still a very stressful situation. This is where U2 should have come in and handed out numbers or something. It doesn't make sense to have people self-police. Yes #1-50 may be able to get into a good organized line, but after that it becomes much more difficult. Not only were we responsible for the numbers but trying to answer questions about the wristbands and who gets into the ellipse. Jeez, I hope I'm getting a paycheck for that. Kidding, sort of. It's not necessarily the most fair system, but it is the most workable under the conditions. To those of you who tried to jump and get in before the entire line. Shame on you... you should have been kicked off the Bradley Center property. The line is first come, first serve regardless of the number system and it started with us. We know, we were there at 11:15 the night before. To have to call in the police and a U2 show is embarassing and your action really did not reflect the spirit of U2. Again, I hope some of you read this and think about how really inappropriate your actions were. Maybe next time you'll fall in line, or get to the venue earlier. It was a spectacular 24 hours, which I slept 1 1/2. I met some great people. I had another great experience and once again on this tour U2 have reinforced why they are the greatest band in the world.

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