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by Andrew Hayes

Please allow me to share my amazing experience!!

Monday 16th february 1998
Me and a few mates went to the Burswood Dome to see if the stage was set up or any thing it was and we started to get really exited.We had a chat to one of the security guards outside and he was very nice and he told us that U2 were arriving today and the they were staying at the Hyatt Regency in the city. So we went straight to the hotel. At the hotel there was several camera crews and some other fans outside the hotel. Then Ron the head security man at the hotel came over to us and asked us if were waiting for anyone he said that if we were then we would not be dissapointed because the band were arriving very shortly. We started to get very exited. We waited for about one hour and sure enough the band arrived. There was a big procession of mercedes and out got adam, larry and the edge we were informed that his Bononess would be arriving at a later time. Adam larry and the Edge were all extremely kind and more than happy to talk to us and pose for photos and sign stuff. As there were only about ten fans there it was fantastic We were all so happy and so impressed with the guys as they had just come off a 40hr plane trip from south America. Yet still they were so friendly so approachable. We the waited a few more hours and Bono arrived. This was a fantastic experience. He was just as friendly and approachable as his three band members. His was more than happy for us to take photos and ask for autoghaphs. We gave him a copy of my brothers band and was really happy to receive the CD and said he would listen to it. We wre so unbeleivably happy and we rushed home to tell our friends. WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 17th February 1998

The Concert

I have never had a chance to see u2 before as I live in the most isolated city in the world.The show was awesome the set was perfect, the lemon was awesome. Even now two days after I am speechless I cant say much because words do not describe the experience. I feel that it was all a dream and I am not even sure if it happened or not. Ladies and gentelmen, U2.

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