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by Jamie

I am writting this review 13 years after I attended this show. I see no one else has posted on it so I thought I'd add to the mix. Like I said it was 13 years ago and to this day I still get pumped up when I think about that show. It was my first U2 concert and I loved every minute. The one thing that really stuck with me was the way they ripped through Pride (In the name of Love) with an incredibile sense of passion and tempo. I've seen them a couple times since then(Popmart and Vertigo tours) and in those shows Pride always seemed a bit more layed back. That night the way Bono yelled "Let the King sing" and then turn and threw his mic stand to the ground while MLK was on the video screens was simply amazing. Alot of people knocked this tour for it's relative lack of spontenaity. But for what it was, and what it stood for during that time period to me as a college student, I found it to be the best live show I have ever seen and will probably ever see.

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