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by Steve B

Well man that was a hot one. You know it is hot when Bono tells Edge to do the talking "tell them what's going on while I change me shirt". That was cute.

I Will Follow and BD were monsters. The outro in BD was REALLY long, I was very happy. I thought WOWY also seemed to have something extra. Bono's voice seemed fine. The crowd had moments, but they all do. Again the nice moments at this show were IWF and BD. Still jealous of the Montreal show where Bono did "shine like stars". That would have been nice. Good energy from the band, I thought more than Toronto, and I was farther back.

Other than that a pretty stock show. I thought the GA held up pretty good, only a few folks left around us. I thought the folks in the stands were kinda lame. I was amazed to see so much sitting. Now that might be normal but I was looking at the crowd a lot. We got to the GA at like 8:15. We wanted no part of the heat. We still had an ok spot.

I wish they would change the setlist up more. I think it was the same as Toronto, but I have not checked yet.

Can't wait for Pitt. Please change some things up boys! Magnificent and OOC would be great. :)

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