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by Thomas Gerzer

Let me just say that the POPMART concert was the best concert since Peter Gabriel's "Secret World Tour."

"DIE FANTASTISCHEN 4" were doing a great job and HOWIE B was just brilliant. But let's face it. The audience sucked big time. Any attempts of DIE FANTASTISCHEN 4 (the fantastic four, a german HIP HOP band) or Howie B to cheer everybody up failed. The audience just wasn't interested in them. You could almost hear them say: "Hey, this is not our kind of music. We aren't interested in that!" (The strangest part was, that most of them didn't even know who Howie B is. Didn't they read the booklet of the POP Album? All the tracks were mixed by him.)

When U2 finally apeared on stage, the audience wasn't better either. The sad thing is that they ruined nearly every of Bono's attempts to play with the audience. That was very sad. If this is how we Germans are at open-air concerts, then this was definitely the last concert I will go to in Germany. I would rather fly to America or England if the Germans aren't able to party.

In my opinion the concert just ruled. The ROY LICHTENSTEIN bits and the LARA CROFT bits were just great. My last tip for German U2 Fans: Go to England or some other country to see the concert, if you want to catch all of the exitement of this superb show.

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