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by Troy

All and all a great show. The highlight and where i got that natural(high place) U2 concert feeling was The Unforgetable Fire! Enchanting!

Electrical Storm was great with a wonderful end!

I am disappointed in the choices the band has made. For instance, we are all hard core fans at these shows now, there is no sense in playing the Prides or the Sundays or the without yous or even Vertigo. This tour has to take on a vibe of its own it is littered with should be staples of past tours like Vertigo or Walk On etc.

To have Breathe lead off is a mistake that will be changed soon. Magnificent or Fez(where is this song?) should be the opener.

Give it up with Crazy Tonight, Bonos vocals just does not match the extra-dimensional beat. It just seems that there is no themed-like rhytm from song to song where the intensity just builds up and up, instead it blossoms and dies, blossoms and dies.

There is the u2 magic felt from Unknown Caller to city of Blinding lights, they need this more and they will find it and themselves and the signature of this tour as it moves on.

So glad to see these boys back!

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