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by Bunny Huss

During one song tonight, Bono looked perturbed and told The Edge to "stop playing." I believe it was during One. During another song he said "listen to me Edge." This is rather uncalled for in the world of live performance. On should never expose the faults of his or her fellow performers, especially his own. Imagine Bono couldn't hit a high note in Breathe, then made a face of disgust at himself? Then maybe just looked annoyed for the rest of the song? That's what it's like - kind of like acting like a baby. NO band is in top form on opening night. Not one band. This is why I usually avoid going to see opening night concerts. But I live in Barcelona and I have little money because of the economy... so this is what I'm stuck with.

Anyway, as usual, U2 will take this show and make it perfect... it'll just take a couple of weeks, that's all. Maybe only a couple of shows is needed for them to hit their stride. I just don;t appreciate Bono's unprofessionalism on stage tonight. It reminded me of a Vertigo show I saw at the end of that tour in Cleveland. Larry Mullen was having a hard time playing the band's cover of Instant Karma and Bono was clearly annoyed. Not professional Bono.

Tonight's show had its ups and downs. The ups are Unknown Caller and all of the other new songs. With or Without You is not needed anymore, but I suppose they need to appease the fairweather fan. Sunday Bloody Sunday seems out of place. They can retire that song. My favorite of the night was MLK. I love songs that are only 2.30 minutes long.

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