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by Mark Baker (U2BROTHR)

As a fellow Canadian, it was a great experience to finally come to Winnipeg to see a U2 show. Hilarious that Bono pointed out that the 360 screen said Wineppeg.

My main reason for coming was because the show fell exactly on my birthday.

The GA line was run properly and orderly. The security for the venue were absolutely great.

At the start of the show, the Jets that flew over and circled the stadium were an added bonus.

The band started with Even Better Then the Real Thing, to a very bright sky. Night had not yet fallen.

U2 did a different version of Magnificent, but it seemed a little jumbled. Bono called it a work in progress.

Despite the small stadium, this was an intimate affair with the claw taking up much of stadium space.

Did I mention the weather? It was cold. Very cold. So cold that I could see it on Larry's face. Many of the boys had on scarves at the end.

Zooropa and those light up jackets really were a major highlight for me.

Moment of Surrender was not played..... either because of curfew or because of the dropping temperature.

Bono gave me a shout out during "One". Thanks dude!

A great show for the start of this leg of my 360 tour.

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