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by Lorne

What can I say, it was an amazing show! It was a little chilly by the end of the night, even Larry had to bundle up in a scarf. But the weather did not keep 50,000 fans from enjoying the greatest spectacle to hit our fine city. Of course we got to enjoy the band long before the show with their willingness to be accessible while moving about the city in the days before the show. But back to the show. We had seats in what I guess is considered behind the stage. It really did not take anything away from the show. For us it actually added to the experience as we got to see the band walk out and then back right in front of us! The set list was nothing to complain about. Ok, I would have liked Still haven't found what I am looking for, and Moment of Surrender would have closed it off nice but With or Without You was just fine to close it out. I will Follow, Sunday Bloody Sunday and some tracks from Zooropa made up for any thing missing. All I want is you, was a personal hi-lite. Over all they boys did not disappoint. The stage was over the top impressive. Almost too much to take in at times. Nice problem to have. We got what we paid for and more. It was only my 2nd time seeing U2 but each time I have seen them I leave the show feeling like the world is a better place than it was before I saw it. Heres hoping they return sooner than 14 years!

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