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by Ryan

I could not have imagined my first experience of U2 live being any more perfect. Arrived at the Canad Inns Stadium at 11 a.m. expecting to find huge lines of people already waiting to get in, but was very pleased to see only about 200 people in front of us. The six-hour wait wasn't bad at all, and totally worth it. The weather was a bit cool, but the rain held off, and . The excitement in the crowd outside the stadium built as sound check ended very close to the scheduled 5:30 door opening. Bono thanked the crowd for being patient, and shortly afterwards we were headed inside. We had talked to a number of different people who had been to other shows on the tour about their thoughts on the best place to be for the show. I was very much there for the best possible experience of the band and I was glad to be able to park ourselves second row in the inner circle right in front of The Edge (being able to read the lettering on the first amp he ever owned really made it sink in for me). Personal favourites were I Will Follow, Magnificent, All I Want is You, and Streets. Seeing Bono swinging on a mic cable coming down from the middle of the claw during HMTMKMKM was awesome. I would very much like to have heard Moment of Surrender to end the show as was scheduled, but With or Without You was pretty spectacular too.

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