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by Mike Hampton

Also my first U2 concert & also one that has had me following U2 with a passion for 30 years now. A strange venue for gigs as the other reviewer Ken mentions with it being a cinema style layout on 2 floors only holding about 800 or so if I remember rightly. The amphitheatre style played right into U2 and Bono's hands and it really was and still is the most exciting gig I had ever attended - even though on the night of the gig I was only 16 years old I'd been lucky enough to already see many of the Punk & New wave bands but this was straight away obviously something unique & special. I'd never experienced interaction or passion like it and without doubt you felt like you were all in it together - the band & the crowd as one. The energy & the excitement is something I'll never forget and have never quite experienced again - even at U2 gigs! Have seen them over a dozen times since then all over the UK and Europe(with the same mate I went to this gig with)and each & every gig has been special. If only they could revert back to smaller venues(even arenas)but alas I doubt if it will ever happen again. No matter how hard they try, Stadiums are Stadiums & it just aint the same.

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