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by Paul

My fellow fan Tim's recollection is only a little off - the "two women" with the Amnest banner were actually my frind Sean and me (neither of us particularly feminine). Clearly the highlight of the entire decade for me was this show. The night before, Bono had found a guy in front with a little Amnest poster and sat him on the edge of the stage during Pride. So the following night (5/4/87) my friend Sean and I brought a bedsheet with the Amnesty logo painted on it. We unfurled it in the stands behind Larry's drum riser during Pride - after the other 14,000 people in the room, Edge saw it first, then Bono. Bono signaled for Sean to climb over the barrier onto the stage. As I followed, a security guard stopped me. Bono told him it was ok and with Sean taking one arm and Bono on the other, they hauled me over the barrier and onto the stage. Bono said "Hold it up and stay here!" and resumed the song. Sean & I stood, fists in the air - euphorically singing along with the band and the crowd at the tops of our lungs. An absolutely magical night I will never forget and a night that cemented forever my view that U2 is far and away the greatest band of all time.

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