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by Gay-Jeanne

Best U2 Concert since Sellafield in 1992. Had to join Greepeace to get a ticket then, had to get past Ticketmaster this time. Worth every single penny in the end.

The atmosphere was electric tonight. The moment Arcade Fire's "Wake Up" came on the expectation was rising. Queues for refreshments stopped as people rushed to get back to friends etc.

Felt sorry for the poor Bravery who blew their equipment a couple of times and had a couple of false starts. Very sympathetic Manchester Crowd cheered them on. Snow Patrol got a couple of anthemic responses. The leaden Manchester Skies cleared, blue sky and a sunlit crowd - perfect.

I think I even preferred this concert to Zoo TV. After reading several reviews abot the poor sound quality at previous concerts, there seemed nothing wrong tonight - heard every word Bono spoke, the Edge's guitar rang like a bell and Adam's evil baseline from one of the satellite pods was out of this world. "Love and Peace or Else" is the real revelation of this tour. It's a whole new animal live - hope they never drop it from the set list in the future. Couldn't believe we got WOWY, totally made my night.

Sat next to an Italian lady from Bolton and a young graduate from Edgehill, both U2 Virgins.
Can't believe the goodwill and friendliness of a U2 crowd. Love was transcended tonight.

Comments overheard as we left "How Good was That?" and playing their new live U2 Ringtones.

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