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by Jono Bono

AWESOME!!!!! Loved the set list especially The electric co, which i had been hoping for. The LED screen really came to life during the ZOO encore and the second performance of Vertigo (which was better than the first). How lucky was the lil girl, who was brought up on stage for COBL. HAd a great position about 5 rows back from the front, loved how you could move around with out any problems, only one thing let it down for me, that being two gentlemen who i hope ppl will reocognise, who didn't take their hands out of their pockets all evening.(lads if ya not interested get out of the bomb shelter and let someone else more interested in there. Bono sounded spot on all evening, especially as he hit the high note in SYCMIOYO. Finally, The Edge is simply amazing, best guitarist of his generation.

HIGH POINTS-The whole show
LOW POINTS-Two boring gits, who didn't realise you could remove ya hands from ya pockets

PS bravery were poor

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