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by Chris Colledge

Am already going to seem them in Dublin on the 25th, but I got the chance for tickets to tonights gig on saturday morning and snapped them up.

Having listened religously to U2 on a daily basis, this was my first ever U2 gig and it lived it up to my expectations in a big big way.

Set list from what I can remember

I Will Follow
Beautiful Day
Eletric Co
City of Blinding LIghts
Mircacle Drug
Sometimes You Can't Make it on your own
New Years Day
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Love and peace or else
Bullet the blue sky
Running To Stand Still

In the name of love
Where the streets have no name

Zoo Station
The Fly
Myserious Ways

All because of you

Those track were definitely on, I may have missed one or possibly two tracks, and some of the earlier ones aren't necesiiraly in the right order.

On to the actual show

The sound quality, I thought was pretty damn good, the guitars rang out perfectly, although it didn't pick up bono's voice as well as it should.

THe video wall looks amazing. Particularly on Zoo Station. During this track, they had a camera set up on stage which Bono kept singing in to, and they played it on the giant screen which looked pretty cool.

I have watched U2 shows before on DVD, I've listened to them as well, I have read about themm but you never really appreciate the magic about Streets til you;ve experienced it live. The stadium was actually shaking for the first two minutes of the song. The crowd was electric for the whole track, and it was the most magical moment of the night without a doubt.

There was no 'until the end of the world' which was my bigget dissapointment of the night although they did play electric co. which I was delighted about, but unfortunately a lot of the crowd weren't into despite an outstanding performance from the Edge.

I think the problem with The Fly is simply Bono's singing. Is voice no longer suits that song at all. He can't/won't sing it anything like he does on the ablum, and for me that's what is killing it the most, the guitars on it sound fantastic.

The rest of the show was pretty much as you'd expect to see on the rest of the tour to be honest, but I can't criticise too much because the performance was excellent.

Chances are you may be albe to get tickets for tommorrow night if you have a look at ticketmaster, I would definitely recommend,

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