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by David

First time I've seen U2 and too be honest I left a little disappointed. Nothing to fault their performances but the sound quality where I was standing was abysmal. I was standing about half way to 2/3rds back and there was too much echo and Bono's voice was very muffled. The whole sound lacked clarity. Moved a couple of times and it was the same. No wonder the audience weren't singing as most couldn't really hear it properly. Zoo Station and the Fly were unlistenable. It may have been where we were standing, or the acoustics of the stadium or a bad sound engineer but it was one of the worst gigs I've been to for sound and I expected it to be right for 50.

The sound was even worse for the Bravery and Snow Patrol.

A great setlist though from U2. Another negative is that I would have liked to have seen more use of the video wall in the first half of the show, as it wasn't really used to its full potential until the encores.

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