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by Dave Borstal

What a let down.
June is just too light. Keep UK gigs to August lads.
The stage was too low. Think they must have used the one from The Academy.
The sound was dire at times but no doubt this was due to my positioning - on the pitch, central, fair way back between the tee shirt stands. Plenty of treble but no beef. Sound did improve but was never brilliant. Sounded like the last Wembley gig in 93 when they were ordered to turn it down after complaints by residents.
Who will ever forget the start of the Zooropa gigs ? (Hurry up with that DVD.) And Pop Mart when they came through the crowd. Who will ever remember last night's entrance ? A low key entrance is ok at the arena but just ambling on stage is not good enough in a stadium.
The second Vertigo was an admission that the first one was a total disgrace.
The night still had its high spots (Where The Streets) but they were all too few. Even the normally stunning One just left me cold.
Yes, they ARE the best band in the world. But, tonight they weren't. Here's hoping for a return to form in London, Glasgow, Cardiff and Berlin.

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