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by Richard

I agree with the comment about the crowd being a bit flat but maybe the organisation can account for some of this.We queued at gate B quite near the front.As we went in there was no sign or mention of wristbands to get into the front section. Lots of complaints were made but we, like everyone else, were told to find a spot in the crowd,even though it was less than 1/2 full.It was only because my girlfriend felt ill later on that we went into the stand for some water and I saw a shifty looking steward with a crowd around him by the gents. When I got closer I saw he was giving out wristbands!I asked for and got 4 for my friends,this being 1/2hr before U2 came on!As it turned out I had 6 so I gave them to 2 ladies and made their day too, even though other people were offering me money for them.The Stadium organisation obviously messed up in a big way and it was still nowhere near full at the front when U2 came on.Having said that we stood feet away from the right hand side and it was awesome,Bono right in our face!U2 put on a magical show,the giant screen works great,especially after dusk and the music is flawless.One lucky girl aged about 10 got to sit by the drum kit for COBL.Only disappointment was my name didn't come up on the sceen after texting on Bono's request,you will know what I mean when you go to the show!Bono said last night that U2 are a band of the future.I hope so,come back soon!I will be on a high for weeks after this :-)

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