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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by brian

Having seen U2 on five different tours and some nine times now, I feel this gives me some authority to comment on the tour as follows:

I was one of the lucky 4000 that made it into the centre stage. This was on a first come first serve basis. I would say the first 200 people through each gate. Although this is not strictly true as I noticed a few people rushing from one gate to another, them having realised that the gate they were at had run out of wrist bands, yet were still available at another! The gates were not let in simultaneously!!

I had arrived at 12.30pm and was around place 100th in the line. I spoke to one person in the centre stage who mentioned that he had arrived at 4.30pm and pulled the trick as noted above!

The Bravery stumbled through two down sounds yet still managed to please the crowd with their genuine efforts. A bloke with NO NAME, so he said, apologised for getting it wrong if you know what I mean!!

Snow Patrol was fine, although that base player really needs to get a better hair stylist!! Or am I being old fashioned?

Because of the trouble the Bravery had had.this meant that all bands were now running late. U2 where suppose to be on at 8.00am (I caught sight of a running order list that a security chap was holding) with a set not to extend past 10.30pm. Bono made reference to this in his closing rendition of Vertigo.

A cheer went up as U2 were seen approaching and moments later the band were on stage, the Edges guitar still not tuned properly! 1, 2, 3.14!!! Hello, Hello was pounded out and echoed around the Manchester Stadium, a great start. The

Edge gets his Gibson Explorer out, I will follow was very tidy and then onto the keyboards for New Years Day.one of my favourites.

The set continued.some good and some average.

On the whole:
A rather flat performance!
Bonos voice is showing signs of struggling with the tour.
The Edge is better than ever.

Not as good as other tours.most definitely behind, Zoo and Elevation.

As my old school report used to say.COULD DO BETTER.


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