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by Shawn Bison

Love will tear us apart, indeed. I love those words that Bono chooses to throw in to With Or Without You every now and then. A song that is probably the most overplayed in all of the band's arsenal. I cringe to think that there are so many other songs they could have played at that particular moment, much like when they play Mysterious Ways. Original, Crumbs, Stay, The Refugee, Freedom For My People, just to name a few. But when Bono sang those very Love Will Tear Us Apart lyrics once again, lyrics not even written by said Bono, the cringe-worthy effects of With Or Without You diminish and I'm taken to a time and place that I hold dear to my heart... Manchester in the 1980s. Just kidding, of course; I have no allegiance to this place... but the song, originally done by Joy Division, is a briliiant artifact of early-80s New Wave.

I must thank some people from tonight's show who really helped me in my goal of being on the railing, front and center, for the stage-left B-stage --- the one on Adam's side. Special thanks goes out to Trisha and Brian, a lovely British couple, and their son Cooper. Also, a great load of props to Angie.

With that said, I hope tonight was not the only front-row moment for me on this European leg. Sure, you can't witness the grand scope of the Euro-stage, but the closeness to the band-members trumps all of that. I simply can't get enough of being in the front. I must also state that, yet again, Adam Clayton is the coolest band member of U2 --- and I want his job. He's also got the easiest position in the band, unlike Mullen, who always looks like he's in pain. All Clayton has to do is strut down to the B-stage, smile, wink, play that mean E string, and repeat. What a guy.

Still waiting on those Crumbs.

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