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by CraigHenson

Well my 7th U2 show since the Joshua Tree tour. I can sympathise with the previous comments about the level of crowd participation. I was in the front of the 2nd tier level with the half way line and whenever I looked around it was definitely patchy participation, I wonder if this is something to do with it not being an intimate and dark arena and people felt self-conscious? All my previous U2 shows have been indoors and have all been 100% participation.

With a few people sitting down for the entire show and some even left after the last song of the main set. All I would say to these folk is, next time save yourself the bother and wait for the DVD to come out, a less lathergic fan could have benefited. Also I think too many tickets have been snapped up by corporate hospitality firms. For the record my *rse never touched my seat and my hands never stopped clapping, not to mention that I could hardly talk when I left the stadium!

Last negative comment before I start on the positive review: I think the sound quality was a bit poor in different parts of the stadium, there were satellite speakers towards the rear of the stadium but I think these detracted from the sound rather than added to it. Bonos voice was not as loud as it should have been he did get occasionally drowned out.

The stage, graphics, lighting and video walls were amazing and used just enough to enhance and compliment the performance. I loved the text thing for Africa then towards the end of the show some of the names of people who had texted (allegedly!) scrolled across the video wall.

The set-list was awesome you could tell the die hard fans like me really loved the inclusion of some of the Boy tunes, Electric Co was amazing! Plus the inclusion of I Will Follow.

I had a tear in my eye when Bono introduced SYCMIOYO just imagining Bono as a boy musing at Bob with knitting needles!

New songs all work live and sound even better than the album, Yahweh sounds great as an acoustic version - go on lads add a couple of others

I dont remember Bono smiling much during the gig, he is an amazing showman but I got the impression he was not happy about something. Band were 100% and played very tight, nice use of the b stages by them as well. Just about the right amount of politics.

Finally, did anybody notice that they put the stage at the Bell end ?

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