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by charle

Well it was a damn cool day. U2 at Man Citys ground ? Wrong end of Manchester for me, but right group! Awesome. Got wristbands for the bomb shelter after running round like a headless chicken for me and the girlfriend. Stood on left hand side at front, so the ears still a bit numb!
Visuals did loose a bit in the daylight, but hey,its the music that count,right.Last time I saw u2 was on the Joshua Tree tour at Wembly, this was a far better, rockier show. The old stuff? Electric co. becomes the new until the end of the world, complete with fake duel between the man and the guitar. The new stuff? Vertigo 1 was just cool, vertigo 2-wow that is the way to go-like a heavy rock band on serious form!

Few gripes- not being able to take water in,even though security at the front were cool enough to hand out glasses of water. Price of merchandise, and the over zealous security stoppin people taking videos and photos-not the groups problem though- even got to meet Paul McGuinness.

Overall- a week on and i can honestly say it was a cool cool day

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