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by Philippe

I, too, was hoping for other 'songs we haven't played for a while' than Found and All I Want tonight. After the first four European shows I get the feeling that we won't get the massive surprises of the US leg, ie An Cat Dubh, Gloria, The Ocean - which is a massive let-down for us die-hards. I've been following U2 for 20 years now and have seen them on each tour ever since and I was thrilled to see that they were digging so deep into their back catalogue again. I find it really sad that they are now, having arrived at the big stadiums, playing even more 'crowd-pleasers' apart from the inevitable Pride, Streets etc., namely WOWY and Follow - which I just can't relate to any more whatsoever. Arrrrgh! Guys, even if only 10 per cent of the fans are hardcore, please don't forget them! Give us An Cat Dubh and Gloria!

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