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by B200FT

Small comparison to Brussels:
* Sound was way better, although not perfect. During the set of Atlethe, there was an annoying echo from the back of the stadium, that was almost completely gone when U2 played.
* I don't know whether it is due to my perception because of the sound quality, but the band was so much sharper yesterday. Absolutely the best Rock Concert I've ever seen!!
* A major complaint in Brussels was that the stage was to low. Here, the rubber mats protecting the grass were slightly sloped towards the stage, so even at ground level you had a good view. Is this always like that in this venue, or is it a reaction to the complaints?
* The crowd was OK, although the singing along was a bit less than Brussels, especially on the newer songs.
* Funny: the faces of the political leaders at the start of ZOO Station were combined differently from Brussels: in Brussels Blair was teamed with GW Bush, in Manchester with Chirac.
* The declaration of human rights is a special moment. I always wonder why people are clapping there hands because U2 is doing this, or because the declaration is really good text.
* Some minor changes to the light show. In brussels, the hart-beat during "Miracle Drug" when flat with Bono putting his fist on his hart, before starting "Sometimes you can't make it on your own." In Manchester, this dit not happen.
* Emotional moment that was not present in Brussels (for obvious reasons): Bono whishes the service-men a safe return and there families strength.

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