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by Chris, Leeds

I've seen every tour since Joshua Tree at Elland Road and this performance (Manchester 15th June) must be the best.
Supporting bands were very poor and I'm not sure whether this was more a problem due to sound engineers than the bands themselves. Athlete and Idlewind are unknown to me and although Athlete seemed to have more charisma on stage Idlewind produced for me the better music - if only it hadn't been so loud and distorted. The lead singer didn't seem to realise that he needed to raise his voice whilst speaking to the same level as when singing so his attempts at engaging the crowd were lost and appeared weak.

The set appeared initially disappointing, the stage flanked by red and black diagonals with the backdrop a metal grill - little did I realise just how alive and electric it would become. I was particularly grateful for the video screens (2) each split into 2 so that each member of the band was on display most of the time. This is the first time I've been on the floor and the view of the band was not good. Roundhay Park remains the best venue (even if I did get soaked last time)for actually seeing the band live.

Bono was Bono, The Edge was The Edge and U2 were U2. From start to finish the audience were in their palms and Bono remains the King of audience manipulators. From vertigo as an opener, to Vertigo as a closer we were taken through classic U2, lifted higher but always brought back to the political agenda and in particular Africa and third world debt, mobile phones raised to illuminate the forum and requests for a march to Edinburgh. If only the sound enginers had got it right.

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