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by Brownie

This was the third time I have seen U2 live, and I must say I have very mixed feelings. As I love the band so much it really pains me to say that.

U2 themselves played a fantastic set list, and I can honestly say it could not be faulted, with all my favourites being played. The band played very well, but I must say I really felt sorry for them. The crowd were honestly awful. My girlfriend and I were constantly told off for jumping around and enjoying ourselves. And there was me thinking it was a rock concert......?

I am afraid that seeing the worlds best band does excite me, and I am sorry that I know all the words to all the songs. This obviously offended some people. Why stand at the front of a gig and moan about people going crazy?? I know that everyone reacts differently, but please, if you dont like jumping and shouting along, please stand further back or get a seat, it really is that simple.

As well as that I cant stop thinking about Larry. To me he really looked in pain, and was not his usual self at all. He really looked ill. As this guy is almost at 'God Level' to me I really hope he is ok. Seeing him obviously hurting, and still playing that good was inspirational, I just wish the crowd rewarded the band for this.

Another point is poor facilities. Over an hour for a beer. Half an hour for a shirtv afterwards. Not good. Get more staff !!!!!

All in all, still superb. The best band ever, with a great set list and great show....shame about the crowd and facilities. Was it worth a 9 hour round trip??? Oh yes. Will London be better? Oh yes ! At least us southerners know how to rock !!

Well done to the band and the crew,
Brownie and Mel.

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