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by Eamonn Foley

What a show (again)! The GA lines were shorter, I got inside the ellipse. They used a stamp system tonight to make up for the problems last night. The crowd was more festive - Bouncy balls all over the place, mexican waves etc. The crowd were also more into the show, and the atmosphere was different!

I preferred the first night's setlist, but it was still great. After having no batteries in my camera on the first night, I had it up and running this time, only to find I had my poxy 16Mb card in the camera instead of the 128Mb!! So I only got about 30 pics at 1 megapixel. Oh well.

The bar next to my hotel was pumping after the gig, and some locals took me under their wing and we drank in the hotel bar till the wee hours! The strange thing is that they were at the Kings of Leon gig on the other side of town!

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