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by Ryan Comboy, 14

After waiting for nearly two years to see a U2 gig, last night was the night it finally happened.Excited men and women buying out the merchandise store was the first thing i noticed as i entered the city of manchester stadium and then seeing them dash for the gates to try and get a good spot in the ground.

The first act Idlewild i thought were a bit out of place in this type of gig, as they turned the sound up high and let roar with pure rock. This was a bit heavy on the ears and i think created the wrong type of mood for the first hour or so. But they played OK and i guess playing to a half empty stadium must make you feel a bit low.But all in all a good performance.

The second support band athlete were not bad to. And i think the crowed responded to them a bit more beacause they were a bit more well known.

But the main atraction U2, were simply unbeleivable. I did not know what quite to expect seeing it was my first U2 gig but from what i saw (and heard!) they took my breath away. Vertigo really got the adrenalin pumping within the crowed and the pit erupted when the words Uno dos tres catorce! filled the stadium. I thought it was good to hear some of U2's early year stuff from the Joshua tree era like new years day and i will follow, but i did go mad when i heard sunday bloody sunday, my all time favourite U2 track and i must say it sounds an awful lot better live.
The encore was great to. Bringing back all the Zoo TV stuf like Zoo station, the fly, plus this was when the Picture board really got into full swing. Simply Amazing.

Last nights gig was the best concert i have ever seen and probably will ever see for that matter.

Long Live U2 Baby!!!

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