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by Ashley

I have followed U2 for many years and have grown up them. The group are the same age as my wife and myself.

Over the years their live performances have always been a cut above. They have always reproduced live versions of songs that develop the studio versions and lift them to another level. Who can forget (those of us who are old enough anyway) the performance of Bad at Live Aid that help catapult U2 from a popular group into the No1 band they are today.

The Manchester gig was the latest in many, and as I missed the Elevation tour, I did wonder whether they still "had it". On Wednesday they answered with an enormous YES. They were outstanding. They are still head and shoulders above anyone else. They have no peers.

The set was superbly balanced. We all have our favourites and wish they always played them but obviously they can't. Everybody else has described the songs far better than so just a couple of observations.

Before the concert my wife and I were discussing the possibility of I Will Follow being played. It had not appeared on any set list prior to the Manchester gigs and I had not seen the night before's list. She said that perhaps they knew we were there and would play it. So you can imagine our utter amazment when it came on 2nd. We both went wild. The song brings back many memories and brought tears to the eyes.

Also, in front of us there was a couple about our age with their 2 teenage sons. It was funny to see the parents bopping about to News Years Day, Electric Co etc and their sons wondering what on earth the band were playing.

Unfortunately, where we were sat we could not see the screen very well as we were at the side, but that's life. we did have a great view of the band entering and exiting the arena.

Lastly, Bono always seems very reluctant to leave the stage. He's a man who enjoys his work. I always wonder what would happen if one day there were no time restrictions, licence obligations etc and the band were given free reign. If that does ever happen I hope I am there as it would be very very special. I live in hope.

Great band, great gig and great people.

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