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by Brad Salomons

I have not been to many concerts, but I think I'll have a tough time topping that one. U2 was great!!! As Bono told the media as he emerged from the plane on Thursday afternoon, U2 was going to "rock the 'Ton." And yes, they certainly did. My tickets weren't really great (upper east deck - Section Q Row 53 Seat 14, but from anywhere in that stadium you could feel the music. Plus from that high up, we sure got a great view of the whole stage and the TV screen.

The concert started with Mofo as the band paraded up through the audience and onto the B stage. It was just amazing to feel the intensity of the emotion in the crowd. My favorite song by U2 (and anybody actually) is "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" and to hear 60 000 people singing it along with the band was just the most amazing experience of my life.

My date and I danced (and probably annoyed the people behind us) for the whole concert. The groupies beside us screamed and howled everytime Larry was on the screen. You could tell the fans from the regular concert goers because the fans were dancing and singing, while the rest were sitting there looking confused (or drunk, perhaps).

The giant lemon shaped disco ball was just about the tackiest thing I've ever seen (but I mean that in a good way -- really.)

The effects with the TV and the live editing was spectacular.

The band themselves were awesome -- by that I mean unlike the Stones a few years back who snubbed the citizens on our fine city (jerks!), all the members of U2 were surprisingly friendly and personable, talking to the media (kissing reporters), greeting fans, thanking radio stations for promoting them (POWER 92!!!!!), and generally being awesome guests. I guess that just says alot about the band -- they reflect the message in their music. They're not hypocrites.

When Bono invited a girl from the audience to dance with him onstage during Miami, well, I'm sure there were alot of envious people out there.

Overall the concert was one of the most spectacular events of my life -- and for everyone who attended, ya'll are just the most well behaved bunch of people that could have been there. Ya'll Rule!!!!!

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