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by John Horvath

The long bus trip from Vancouver was worth it! Seeing them at an outdoor venue was a welcome change, the sound was great (thank you Edmonton for not building a domed stadium).

The opening act FLC were OK, although I was hoping to see Rage Against The Machine.

My friend Corey and I were relocated close to the B stage, as there was a speaker tower where our section should have been. At 10:00 o'clock on the precisely "Pop Musik" came on, and the band came out to the B stage right in front of us. I was disappointed that "Do you feel loved" was not played, and also one more pre-Joshua Tree song could have been included (I will follow was the only one).

The highlights were "Pride" (everybody was singing), Edge's karaoke version of Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" (ditto the singing), and the electrical storm during "One" made it visually unforgettable. The bonus treat of "Slow dancing" was also outstanding. The 40 foot lemon lived up to all it's glory, as did the monster video screen. Everybody is right, "Miami" makes more sense in a live format, as opposed to the album version. The heavy downpour right after the show was a symbolic reminder that the best weekend of '97 was over.

Thanks Edmonton for a great time! Counting the days 'till December 9th.

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