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by Stephan Lentzos

It was as perfect a night as I can remember. I had seen the lads the previous night from 50 rows back. Tonight, it would be from row 22.

A beautiful summer breeze swept away the daylight, and the pounding rhythm of Pop Muzik heralded in the lads. I said my usual hello to Joe O'Herlihy, and headed for my seat.

You've seen the reviews and playlists, so i'll throw those out. Standout tunes for me were Gone, Staring..Sun (Were here in Edmonton, Staring at the Sun), Please, Mofo and of course Streets.

It was so cool to see Edge really get into Discotheque, a tune that seems to define the whole Pop experience (ie. get past what you've heard about it, and base it on its merits - a brilliant pop tune).

As the strains of the last chords of One faded, it started to pour, as if putting out the fire.

This concert, as well as the previous nights', was all about passion; the audience and the band feeding off each other, symbiotic and electric.

This is just a thought, but the fact that this is virgin territory to U2 (geographically) had to contribute to the freshness that was so obvious. As a fan, it hurts to see the power of the media, spinning the sale of millions of concert tickets into the negative abyss (concentrating on who was not there).

But of the big bands U2 seems to be the only ones willing to take a dare. And as long as the quality and passion remains in every aspect of what they do, they will be remembered as one of the most important bands in the history of music.

Thanks for two beautiful and unforgettable nights fellas.

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